Praram9 Hospital

Location : Huai Khwang Bangkok

     Praram 9 Hospital was established on July 1992. Locate on Rama IX Road in the heart of Bangkok, the hospital covers an area of over 9,600 square metres.

     The 16-storey hospital building consists of 20 centres, including a Cardiovascular Institute, Kidney Transplantation Institute, Obstetrics Gynecology Centre, and other specialized medical centres.

     Praram 9 Kidney Transplantation Institute - has attained the highest number of kidney transplants among many other private hospitals in Thailand since 1992. Kidney transplantation has been performed on more than 600 patients with a success rate of 96%, which matches that of other international benchmark. Praram 9 Hospital has conducted over 42 Kidney Transplantation related researches that are well recognized both locally and internationally. In 1999, the hospital received the prestigious “Research of the Year” award from the 6th congress of the Asian society of Transplantation in Singapore.

     Praram 9 Cardiovascular Institute – provides check-ups, diagnoses and operational services, as well as a complete programme for the prevention of heart disease and a detailed care process for patients recovering from cardiovascular conditions.

     Heart disease affects an increasing number of people with each passing year. Praram 9 Cardiovascular Institute meets this challenge with a highly skilled professional staff and state-of-the-art technology. Thus, the hospital is well equipped to support all necessary types of investigative procedures such as CT Angiography and Cardiac MRI operated by doctors who are specially trained in Cardiovascular Imaging.

     Obstetrics Gynecology Centre – has assembled a highly qualified team of experienced professionals to care for its patients. The centre specializes in the needs of woman of all ages. It also offers a variety of treatments at the Prenatal Diagnosis Clinic, and Menopause Centre, with fully equipped facilities and latest technologies such as 4D Ultrasound and Laparoscopic Surgery, plus an expert team that ensures the best treatment possible.

     Praram 9 Infertility Center - is the leader in this specialized type of service. Equipped with the most advanced medical technology and professional obstetricians who are all well experienced in infertility conditions. The hospital has gained a high rate of successful pregnancies among its patients.

     Other specialist medical service centers cover a wide variety of medical diagnoses and treatment services.

     For the future, Praram 9 Hospital intends to maintain its firm commitment to developing and introducing advanced technology and modern medical treatments to its full range of medical services, in its efforts to maintain excellent standards, as well as providing superior hospital facilities to meet the international standard.

Praram 9 Hospital offers variety of services for international patients and their families as:

  • Visa extension assistance
  • Transportation arrangements including airport transfer
  • Air ticket reservations
  • Shuttle bus to MRT station
  • Short-term and long-term lodging arrangements for patient and family members
  • Liaison service for embassies
  • International food, such as, Japanese food, Chinese food, Western food, Halal food, Arabic food and Burmese food, etc. (Additional service charge may apply)
  • 9 Heart mobile ambulance (24 hours)
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Chinese English Thai
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Cash (THB) VISA Master Card

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IVF Package with NGS (up to 5 embryos)
Service fees
THB 425,000 - 532,000
Reservation fees
THB 42,500
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