Enhance breasts size with 350 cc. Mentor silicone


General Information

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    Not specified
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    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Requirement
    Breast augmentation


    Hello! It’s me “Cha-aim”, I am very happy after done the breast surgery with Masterpiece Hospital. I am wearing an old dress but see it!  It looks really good LOL just having a bigger breast makes my body shape changing so much.  In the past, I have nothing and feel not confident because there is no breast mound.

    Most people recommended me to have breast surgery at Masterpiece Hospital.  At first, I thought it is clinic, now it’s becoming a hospital.  The hospital is really big, walking alone you will lose the direction for sure.  After advised and decided to do breast surgery, I was checked the blood and body.  The doctor is kind, nice and handsome LOL.  He recommends and answers all questions.

    After done the surgery, I woke up and selfie.  At first, I would like to have a big silicone size but the doctor recommends size 350 cc as it is suitable for my body because I am a small person. If too big, it will look too close and it quite insecure. So, I believed the doctor LOL

    Hi! First day with Mentor brand silicone (Textured implant) size 350 cc.  During the surgery, there is no pain. Once I woke up, everything is done.

    On day 4 after breast surgery. I lived normally and can wear cloth as normal. I felt a bit tight when carrying something.

    7 days has passed, today I went to Masterpiece Hospital for stitching off. I really appreciated it when I met the doctor and the doctor said that the wound was dry very well and can remove the cloth which has been wrapped. 7 days ago, I have no problem with living at all but after removing the cloth, it feels more comfortable and breathes easier.

    Now I can dress as I like, LOL. It's not painful at all and almost completely recovered 100%. However, I still feel a little tight, but comfortable to walk, also, sit comfortably as usual. The doctor said that the symptoms will gradually improve. Everything will be alright according to the time, must calm down.

    If you want to make a bigger breast and don't want to be disappointed. Masterpiece Hospital is recommended. The hospital is around the Sukhothai Building, the largest building.  Just go for it.