No more breast sponge, Masterpiece Hospital


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    Bangkok, Thailand
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    Breast augmentation


Hello .. I am the same person but now I have bigger breast!! It has been 8 months now. Some people may be confused who is this person??

I would first say that I’ve done breast surgery for over 8 months, I had it in late March.  Before having breast augmentation, my breast size is 32A!! It's small, right?  Anyway, I can still use breast sponges.  But today, I say goodbye to all the breast sponges.  

Also, I am a person who was always teased. Some people called me a broad!! Finally, I ‘ve set a goal in mind that in this life, I must have big breasts!

Before breast surgery, the main factors for making a decision are; 1 location, 2 price, and 3 doctor!! The main thing is to research before surgery since I was in a lot of plastic surgery discuss groups, I saw lots of posting and questions, so I believed that it must be someplace where safe and qualified. Please remember on this factor.

I have a consultation about breast augmentation with Masterpiece Hospital. I just told the doctor that I want to have bigger breast.  I’ve got a queue very soon. When paying the service fee, my hands are shaking, it’s my saving money. The surgery operation is very short because I was in the unconscious phase. Then I just woke up and had bigger breasts.

I would say that breast surgery on the first day is painful like my breasts will burst!! I have to wear the support kit for 7 days. Overall, after doing the surgery, I would say that it hurts but I can stand the pain. 

Let’s see the result after breast surgery for 8 months, I dare to dress up more. I can also wear strapless with confident with a better personality than before!