The family’s precious gift


General Information

  • Name
    Mrs. Phatthamon Ketwattha
  • Age
    29 years old
  • Province
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Requirement
    Naturally infertility, 9 times of embryo transfer


    The success of mommy, Khun Phatthamon Ketwattha; and daddy, Khun Kittiwin Pipopwattana, who trusted Jetanin to treat infertility. The journey had taken almost four years before they achieved success. Now they have got the new member who makes the family’s bond even stronger. “Khaohom is like the one who has brought love and warmth back to our family even more. We spend time together more often than before,”

    Khun Phatthamon said, "Throughout the four years of big effort that she went everywhere that people often went to make a wish to have a baby, both in Thailand and overseas including Japan and Hong Kong".  In the meantime, she had been consulting with experts at several hospitals before she got suggestions from her relative who got a baby, thanks to Jetanin’s technology. That was a big motivation for her to try the service here.

    “I had trouble with having a baby with no reason. I got married when I was 25, that was quite young. The doctors at Jetanin gave full support and encouragement that we would get success. At that time, we did the fifth round of Embryo Transfer (ET). By then, we were successful. I got pregnant. However, when I was 12 weeks pregnant, the baby stopped growing. That happened on the day that I was going to receive an antenatal care book”, the mother recalled.

    Although she was in deep sorrow with the disappointment, encouragement from the family and friends could finally save her. Embryo Transfer (ET) by Jetanin’s doctors was done again and again until the ninth time when Khun Phatthamon made up her mind that that would be the last time.

    “The ninth ET was done when I was just back from Switzerland and I got a cough too.  Even on the day, Doctor Yoko was going to tell me the lab result, I thought we might not pregnant. We arrived at the hospital later than the appointment time but the doctor was still waiting to tell that we were successful this time. My husband and I were very glad because we had been trying for so long. “Being pregnant, I had to take care of myself even more.

    I did an ultrasound to see the baby’s development almost every week, 33 times to be exact, throughout the pregnancy (smile). Now the baby is three months old. We are still thinking if this is real. Do we really have it? I had been waiting for so long,” the brand-new mother shared the moment with a tear of happiness.

    Not only that, the coming of Khaohom was just the beginning of great happiness. Khun Patthamon added that since she has got the baby, the family spends time together more. The father, who previously worked so hard, now rushes back home to stay with the baby. He also keeps searching for information about baby care. “All along, he was quiet and prudent, focusing on work only. However, since we have had the baby, we realize that he can do something else than only work and he is a very good father. He can do many things for me. Every time I get concerned, he will find information to explain until I’m happy. His mother has sacrificed her time to take care of the baby despite the fact that previously she would come to Bangkok from Phuket only once in a while. Everything in our family has been changing in a better way.

    Besides the gladness of having the baby girl, Khun Phatthamon recalled that, during the pregnancy, she was nervous all the time as she had experienced miscarriage before. Doctor Yoko gave very good advice though. She made herself available for consulting both in and out of office hours. For some issues that need detailed explanation, the doctor would always search for the information through textbooks and researches to fix her concern. “I feel like she did not treat me as a patient but as a younger sister. No matter how late night was, I could call her all the time.

    Now we want to have another child. Originally, we have been aspiring to have a big family with a number of children surrounding us. Four kids will do. We will definitely go back to Jetanin as it is quite ready for couples with infertility. They can provide suitable advice for every mother and are well-equipped with technology to enhance pregnancy and antenatal care.

    For any couples that have not been successful, please don’t be discouraged. Nowadays medical technology is very advanced. There are a large number of technologies that can fulfill your dream of having a baby. The only thing all mothers have to do is self-preparation. For me, Jetanin is the best now,” the fulfilled mother concluded.


14 years
Consultancy Service
OB/GYN (Women) - Microinvasive Surgery, Reproductive Medicine

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