Goodbye to a wing silicone bra


General Information

  • Name
    Ning Ning
  • Age
    Not specified
  • Province
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Requirement
    Inframammary incision


Hi, I am Ning Ning. Today, I will share the experience of “breast augmentation” to share the information for a person who wants to do breast augmentation.

Begin with seeing my breast, it’s really small, it’s not an eye trick!!

First, I would like to say that I’ve done the breast augmentation at Masterpiece Hospital. I have added size 335 CC silicone which is not too big or too small. How do I know Masterpiece Hospital?  It’s because my friend at work recommended to me. 

Being a model, apart from the beauty that uses in my job, the breast is helping me to have more confidence. When I am working or taking the trip, sometimes I need to wear sexy clothes, with the small breast size sometimes it doesn’t look beautiful.  So, I need to find the sponge or silicone to make my breast look bigger but it makes me uncomfortable. One situation I’ve faced is wearing a wing silicone bra, and I’ve got the glue allergy!  That’s so annoying!!

  • Surgery date: I was waiting for the queue. Suddenly, the staff came to giving information about the surgery. Also, showing various types of silicone. After that, I have checked the blood, body and changing the clothes. Then, getting ready for surgery but haven't entered yet because there are many people. I’ve waited in the waiting room and waiting for the nurse to call me.
  • Operation room: there is nothing much, just prepared yourself and don’t think too much. However, I am the one who exited. Then, the nurse comes to prepare surgery tools and giving the saline.  After that, anesthesiologists will come to handle general anesthesia method. No need to be worried, the anesthesiologists will take care throughout the surgery.  Let’s see after the surgery is done.

I chose to have an inframammary incision. The doctor advised me that she will use the silicone brand “Sebbin” put under the chest muscle.  After surgery, my body recovered quickly. I started to do everything as normal since day 3 after surgery. On day 5 after surgery, I felt tight but not hurt anymore.

After the end of the week, the doctor made an appointment to stitching off. The wound was dry. There was no bruising and no pain at all.

After that, I have non-stop working, I don't have to rely on a wing silicone bra anymore. I am very confident.  Now the breast is very soft.  I love this feeling so much, as much as I want to tell others.