Safety breast augmentation surgery with BB Clinic


General Information

  • Name
    Jib Jib
  • Age
    Not specified
  • Province
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Requirement
    Safe on the general anesthesia process, natural look


Hello!!  There are not many reviews for breasts augmentation at BB Clinic, so I (named JibJib) would like to review for those who interested.  I assure that you will not be disappointed.

I had to look for many breast augmentation reviews because my husband was worried and also my younger sister is a nurse.

The price is probably not much different, most of the service providers’ price is almost the same.  But I have to consider the safety, my life is not a toy.

My younger sister seriously concerned on the method of general anesthesia which must be operated by any equipment and anesthesiologist.  It's very important because it's major surgery, it is high risk on pulsation even more risk than a cesarean section.  If there is an anesthesiologist in charge, there is an oxygen mask to help me with breathing all the time.  If there is an emergency, I will be safe and definitely stay alive.

For the silicone, I definitely chose the “Mentor” brand since this brand has the standard qualify and many countries are also using this brand.  The clinic also provides lifetime guarantees, and this is the reason I dare to do it here.

It was impressed since the first phone call, I was invited to visit the clinic and have a consultation with the doctor directly.  The doctor had to observe on my body structure (free of charge), on the consult section, the doctor was nice, gave me good advice.  Also, the doctor lets me try on many sizes of the silicone by putting silicone into my underwear so I can imagine the suitable size when wearing a t-shirt.

I got 350 cc., and I like it because it is not too big for me.  Look nice and natural when wearing a t-shirt. LOL

When I asked for photos taken by the clinic, they copied and gave me a thumb drive.  Very impressive.

I have a photo before I did the breast augmentation. (may I censor on my face otherwise my husband will expel me from home)

After 1-week photo.

OMG!! I like it.  It's like re-born.  When I had a party with my old friends, I shown off to them.  Then my friends start to have breast augmentation one by one, LOL.  

Anyone who thinks about to have breast augmentation like me, just go for it.