Real smiles and laughter


General Information

  • Name
    Ms. Suwatsa Kaewkittiwat
  • Age
    30 years old
  • Province
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Requirement
    natural pregnancy, physical test, consultancy before marriage


      I think a baby is a miracle.  When a baby is with us, the baby makes us intent to improve ourselves.  Previously, I have never taken life seriously.  But now I want to be my child’s good role model like the English saying ‘Daddy is my hero!”, yes, I prefer to be my child’s hero.  Mr. Sakkaphant Meklersuewong or GOOD, a father to be shared his view about his baby girl who is on her way to the family and due to delivered shortly after this New Year.  “We plan to have two or three children, wanting them to be friends and grow up together so they will not feel lonely. We want to raise them up naturally without too many rules. We believe that all children have their own characters. We want to raise them up to be themselves the most” said Ms.Suwatsa Kaewkittiwat or OFF, a mother to be who is always in a good temper added about the family’s goal.

The beginning of big smiles and happiness

      Back to 22 August 2017, Off and Good decided to tie the knot to start a couple life and build their own family.  Initially, both of them chose to consult with Dr.Somjate at Jetanin Hospital, seeing lovely children of Off’s friends, who, most of them, had a consultation with the hospital. “Off’s friends were all Dr. Somjate’s patients. There were several couples, about 10, coming here by word of mouth”.  “At our eighth month of marriage, Off got pregnant. Actually, we started consulting with the doctor before our marriage. We had checked our physical fitness and disease risk prepared ourselves and made a plan to have a child before we got married” said Good. “After we had got married, we came to see the doctor. We kept checking the days of ovulation for months. The doctor often suggested every couple to start with the natural method for six months and wait for a good chance. Basically, he suggested us to maintain good health and take enough rest, and, most importantly, don’t be stressed. We waited for a big while. Then we reached the point that we would wait for just another month. If a baby did not come, we would consult with the doctor to find other ways. Fortunately, in April, the baby came, naturally. We had not got sperm injection or even started the consultation. The nurses here even teased us that the baby was a good child, helping its parents save money” Off cheerfully told about the beginning of the pregnancy.

Family and impressive moment sharing

      On the day that the doctor confirmed the pregnancy, the couple told about their feeling back then that “we were really glad, truly, but the doctor told us not to be too excited and to keep monitoring first. Deep in our hearts, we were so glad to have the baby.” “For me, it is kind of strange feeling since I am going to be a father. It’s another step of life” Good revealed his feeling. “For me, when I first saw the baby through a 4D ultrasound, I laughed as the picture looked funny. But if you ask about the excitement when I first knew that I had it, let me share this. We were tricked to be vainly glad in November last year. At that time, we used a home pregnancy test kit and the result vaguely appeared to be positive. My friend confirmed that the kit displaying two lines meant you were pregnant. However, on the next day, my menstruation came as usual. I felt quite hilarious getting tricked. Then, in May, I did the test again, I saw the lines that were quite dark. I was excited but did not dare to be too glad for fear that I would get embarrassed again. I sent the kit’s picture to Good anyway”.   “ At that time, I was with my family at a hospital because my dad got an accident. When I saw the picture, at the first second, I was stunned. Then I told my elder sister to take Off to get a certain examination to make sure. When I knew the blood result was positive, my family and I were so glad.  I rushed to tell my dad who was sick to get well soon so that he could prepare himself to be a grandfather and take care of a grandchild”, Good shared the moment with gladness.

Good care and advice are unforgettable

      After receiving the good news, the parents-to-be came to see Dr.Somjate for having an official examination and advice. “We chose to come here and chose to consult Dr.Somjate specifically as suggested by our friends. When we met the doctor in person, we were even more impressed. He took very good care of us, always made time for us, gave good explanations and knowledge, and gave advice for every issue like we were his friends and family members. If our friends are seeking advice from us about pregnancy, we will recommend them to see the doctor, too. We also met many new friends along when we came to see the doctor. So nice,” Off said with appreciation. Off and Good, before ending the conversation, left a message to other couples that “from my perspective, having a child relies on several factors at the beginning. Those include a couple’s readiness and other things, such as fate. However, I suggest every couple should let it be natural. Don’t be stressed or worry too much. Additionally, Jetanin can be a good and interesting choice for some couples who are encountering infertility. My wife and I would like to give support and encourage for every couple who wants to have children to gain success as you wish.”


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