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General Information

  • Name
    Mrs. Ratchaneekorn Ruamthawee
  • Age
    38 years old
  • Province
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Requirement
    Aged, experienced with infertility but unsuccessful​


      We're impressed with the quote  “the baby makes our life more meaningful”, said Khun Ying, Ratchaneekorn Ruamthawee, after giving birth to the first child, Little Teak, for just over a month. This Capricorn baby boy simply captures the hearts of everyone at home, including Khun Yot, Yotrawee Uthaisomruedee, the first time being a dad at age of 40.  After one year of marriage, Khun Ying and Khun Yot wanted to have children so they were going to see doctors at several hospitals, consulting them about a healthy pregnancy throughout that period. Unfortunately, the success of having a child seemed to stretch out even for another 2 more years. Until one of the friends of the family, who experienced similar infertility at an advanced reproductive age, currently had a successful pregnancy with the consultation from Jetanin, this couple could not wait to meet and consult with "Dr. Kriengchai Sajjacharoenphong".

Causes of infertility?

  • Khun Ying: After the preliminary examination, the doctor told us that our health conditions are perfectly well.
  • Khun Yot: But as we are getting aging and the baby is our first child, the pregnancy is even more difficult and vulnerable. We do not want to have children in older age or more risks to health than this so we decided to undergo ICSI at Jetanin.
  • Khun Ying: We've consulted with the others before but it was unsuccessful. We did not want to wait anymore.  Back then I was  38 years old, Dr. Kriengchai told us to get ready and prepare for 3 months before he started to proceed.

So you started the ICSI treatment?

  • Khun Ying: Yes, we decided to undertake ICSI because we think that it has a high chance of a successful pregnancy.  And sure, we did it (big smiles).

The impression of the doctor?

  • Khun Ying: We appreciate that the doctor has helped us to succeed in getting pregnant (laugh). And even though he has to take care of many patients, he gave us his time, good care and full attention all along. Up to this point, we really do appreciate the doctor.

The feeling when first know of becoming pregnant and what you encountered during pregnancy?

  • Khun Ying: When I knew that I was pregnant, I was very pleased. But I was also stressed because I had to stay still and did nothing since the first time was not successful due to our lack of rest caused by our full responsibility from work. This time we learned our lesson so we took better care of ourselves. I slept a lot and tried not to be stressful. The morning sickness was also terrible. It lasted till the fifth month of the pregnancy.  I could not eat but vomit a lot. I had to be on a drip receiving a saline solution two times.  

The feeling when giving birth?

  • Khun Ying: Before giving birth, I was concerned about whether the baby will be healthy or not.  After the birth was another story.  When the sound of the baby cries at birth, the moment of happiness is real.  At that time I could not hold my happy tears and totally forgot the stress and sickness previously had.

What was the delivery method?

  • Khun Ying: Actually, I wanted a natural birth. I wanted the baby to choose when he wanted to be born. But as I am aging, I want to reduce the risks so I decided to go through the cesarean section. With this C-section, the doctor could help us plan for the best results. The doctor is so great he could do it exactly as planned at 15.59 hours sharp. And it took only a short while for the safe and sound C-section.

How about Little Teak? Is he very easy to care for?

  • Khun Ying: Very easy. He is not grumpy at all. He will cry only when he is hungry. And he is good at it. He eats a lot. We just had his baby hair shaved.

How does the baby change the role of the family?

  • Khun Yot: We have to help each other a lot more. At night we have to take turn taking care of him. We take it as a natural phenomenon. And we are trying to get through it smoothly. It is like our parenting test that will complete our family, with more and more love.
  • Khun Ying: At first I could not imagine being a mother, from getting pregnant to becoming a mom. I am not that neat and tidy person. But everything went naturally.  In the beginning, it was hurt from the surgical wound; my milk has not come in yet, and the baby was crying for milk. We felt sympathy for him. It was very hard for us, still, we can survive it. This is because of the love we have for each other. My husband has helped me quite a lot.

Do you plan to have the second one?

  • Khun Yot: If we want to have another one, we will do it now. Getting tired at the same time is better, I guess because we are getting older. And we have to pay attention to the mother's health too.
  • Khun Ying: Once my health is ready, we will have the second one.
  • Khun Yot: We are just like other families. We work first and find our loved one later in life. So getting married and having kids are too late. That is why we need help from medical technology. To this point, we will try to raise him with good reasons using natural methods. We want him to be a good person, thinking and behaving in a good manner so that he can contribute to society as well as our family. 

What starts from a good intention and well planned will definitely result in a good and happy ending.  We strongly support this family and encourage Little Teak to have his younger one the soonest. This will make even warmer and happier family.



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