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The beginning of the bond

    "A love bond" of Yodsawee and Rattima started around 2010 through a little help of their friends. They were introduced to each other and became friends before they agreed to build a family and live the rest of their lives together. "We started out as friends before seeing each other for a while. Then we decided to get married. I cherish that she is a good person. To me, having a good spirit is more than enough. After marriage, we planned to build a family together and would like to have a baby. We let it go naturally the first time," Yodsawee recalled the beginning of their relationship. After having tried the natural way for quite some time, the long-awaited "gift" had not yet shown up. However, time never stops going by, they then started to do some more research and sought consultation with an infertility specialist. "Firstly, we worried that we weren't successful. The harder we tried, the more pressure we felt. We had seen a doctor elsewhere and tried an IVF technique but it didn't work. Then we asked our friends and one of them suggested us to come to Jetanin because his sister succeeded here. So we did and succeeded too, this is Yumi," said Yodsawee with a smile on his face.

Be prepared in every step to continue the bond

    Dad and mom told us that before the arrival of the first "gift" in 2013, all the doctors and nurses took very good care of them at every stage of preparation before and after pregnancy. "Initially, the doctor informed us to have a physical examination and readied our bodies for a few months. We asked the doctor that we wanted to try the most natural way first, IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination). If it wasn't successful, then IVF would be our next option. Luckily, it works since the first attempt. It may be that we were very well prepared as we exercised, took food supplements, vitamins, as well as all traditional Thai and Chinese recipes that we could find. "The first time we knew the result, we were overwhelmed because we had been waiting for such a really long time. During the first pregnancy, we were quite excited. We saw the doctor almost every 1-2 weeks and often had the ultrasound check to see our baby's safety. However, we never expected it to be a girl or a boy as we were extremely happy solely because of its existence," The parents recalled all the feelings in those important moments. When the first attempt was a success, they both didn't hesitate to reconnect with the doctor. "For the second pregnancy, 'Hero', we followed the same route by getting ourselves ready and we succeeded in the first injection (IUI) as well. This time, we didn't become as stressed as the first time. A few months later, the doctor brought us good news. From both events, I learned that having a child is not that difficult if you don't have too many health problems. The most important thing is to remain calm. The less you're worried, the better the result." The father of two suggested.

With the best selection, yields the best result

    We now have both Yumi and Hero. We couldn't be happier. I would like to express our gratitude to all the doctors and nurses who provided very good care throughout the process.  In terms of expertise, it's pretty impressive," said Rattima. "For me, if I have to discuss my impression, I can say that 'Jetanin' is the number one choice for infertility counseling. I was impressed with the service, expertise, professionalism, safety, team, equipment, and everything. "For married couples who intend to have children, I would recommend that if your time is running out, please quickly plan and take action. You should take care of yourself by doing regular exercise to ready your bodies as much as possible. Just relax and chill out, and things will turn out very well. "I think, today, good science and technology can serve the needs of its users. Whether you are a young newlywed, an aging spouse, or a couple who has infertility problems, just anyone can come to the counseling. I can assure you that the only thing you can get from here is the best service for your family." Concluded Yodsawee with his words of thoughts and the impression he's received from Jetanin.


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